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TM Tour II draws to a close written by Sabre0001, 2008-10-09 22:53 CEST (25 comments)

Another competitive and enjoyable edition of the Trackmania Tour draws to a close. Congratulations to UKFC HotSWAT who took the competition by storm, repeating Spe64's performance and racking up nine wins.

The line-up for this edition featured many new faces and it is hoped that this will continue in future tournaments and that people come back for more!

Results throughout the field were quite competitive and positions were not guaranteed. Once again, racers were able to have local battles as well as challenging for the title (at least at the start when HotSWAT was within touching distance!)

An image of the results will be available soon...

TM-Tour Season II written by Sabre0001, 2008-09-28 23:53 CEST (14 comments)

Thursday 9th October @ 8pm - Trackmania Nations Forever - Server: Smart Gaming TMNF -
Chat (IRC) #esports.ie

Password: tourtwo

The TrackMANIA-Tour [tm-tour.tourney.cc] is back for a second stint on Thursday 9th October. This is a fun tournament open to all that will run over the course of approximately two hours, so keep the diary free!

Once again, a special TM-Tour skin has been designed for the victor:

Image 1 [img228.imageshack.us]

Image 2 [img215.imageshack.us]

Sign-ups are open [tm-tour.tourney.cc]. In order to check-in please be in IRC (IRC channel #esports.ie )at 20:00 and the tournament will go live at 20:15. The server will be passworded and this will be given out on the day. However, if you are late you can still play but will be at a slight disadvantage.

*Note* - If you do not have IRC, a quick access is available for Firefox [webchat.quakenet.org]. Just enter your nickname and #esports.ie as the channel.
Internet Explorer [web-irc.org] users can also partake in the fun. The server is irc.quakenet.org. The port is 6667 and the channel is #esports.ie

SmartGaming TMNF (Is Public but will be Password Protected on the day)


Format – This will be run as a tournament featuring 12 of the listed tracks. It will run as a Time Attack mode with a limit of 6 minutes. After receiving the password, players will connect to the server and the change of map will signify the start of the tournament. The challenge is to complete the quickest lap within the time limit. The person with the most points at the end of the 12 tracks will be the champion.

Points are awarded as follows:
1st – 10
2nd – 8
3rd – 6
4th – 5
5th – 4
6th – 3
7th – 2
8th – 1

Parties involved in this: PPC (server), Rzelky and myself (Sabre0001). Thanks also to Smart Telecom for providing the servers.

All feedback is much appreciated in order to make future editions bigger and better!
If you have ANY QUESTIONS please contact Rzelky or Sabre0001 in #esports.ie or on www.boards.ie

Download Trackmania Nations Forever for FREE from STEAM or at www.trackmania.com

A beginners guide to driving in TM is available here [tm-forum.com] and is a valuable reading resource for any TM player!

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Recap written by Sabre0001, 2008-09-25 23:05 CEST (24 comments)

And that ends the first edition of the TrackMANIA-Tour and overall it seemed to be quite a successful run! In a server dominated by the Irish, a French flag put them to shame. Spe64 took the championship with two rounds to spare (though at one point it looked like it would be a lot sooner!). In total Spe racked up an impressive 9 wins!

However, there were close battles throughout the field and I'm sure some rivalries were made that will carry on into future editions.

Now some side trivia: If there was also a constructors battle, team IRIS would also have taken this home (with one driver) over raceFACE (with two drivers) 114-107!

Results are available in image format here [img220.imageshack.us]

Thanks to all who took part. Congratulations to Spe64. Thanks also to all those involved in setting everything up especially PPC.

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